Notes on some blockers I encountered over my family vacation. Week 5 went by in a blur, mostly because I was at Disney World with my family (Disney is exhausting!). Due to this I was not able to give much time to GSoC, but I did spend a little bit of time working on the read endpoint for the API. From this work I have a couple of blockers I am hoping to work through with my mentor next week:

  1. l.306-309 contains calls to the functions contents_t, node_t, commit_t, and branch_t. What is the point of these functions? It sort of seems like you’re making one type of store out of another, but I don’t understand how the stores are different.
  2. I don’t understand how it is possible to call rd.Wm.Rd.foobar (e.g. here). Wm was defined earlier in the module, so shouldn’t it be simply Wm.Rd.foobar?

Hopefully after I get these blockers out of the way, endpoint implementation should come a lot easier.