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Hi, I'm David. Sometimes when I have an idea I mash my keyboard and then post the result. Here you can find keyboard mashings about my life, computers, and other stuff.

Tag: implementation

UVa 10855: Rotated Square

  Tags: uva 2d-array brute-force implementation

Rotated Square is a great problem to tackle if you want practice implementing and manipulating 2D arrays.

UVa 10920: Spiral Tap

  Tags: uva implementation

UVa 10920 Spiral Tap gave me quite a bit of grief. What appeared to be a simple simulation pproblem resulted in several TL submissions and many hours of banging my head against my desk before I could find a fast enough solution. Thus my new philsophy: “The more bruises on your head, the more progress you’re making”.

UVa 11581: Grid Successors

  Tags: uva implementation 2d-array

I really liked UVa 11581 Grid Successors because it is a perfect example of the good things that can happen if you don’t let the problem statement scare you.

UVa 10258: Contest Scoreboard

  Tags: uva 2d-array implementation

I did not think that UVa 10258: Contest Scoreboard was a well-written problem. The problem statement did not specify the expected behavior well. I imagine this problem was the subject of many clarification requests when it was used in competition. Then again, I probably just need to practice reading problem statements carefully.

UVa 11933: Splitting Numbers

  Tags: uva implementation

UVa 11933: Splitting Numbers problem summary: Given a number n, print out a and b, where a is the number constructed from every other set bit of n and b is constructed from the other half of the set bits. This problem is simple to implement, but in my case I screwed the implementation up and made things a lot harder for myself.

UVa 11926: Multitasking

  Tags: uva implementation

UVa 11136: Hoax or what

  Tags: uva implementation

UVa 11572: Unique Snowflakes

  Tags: uva implementation

UVa 11572: Unique Snowflakes problem description: Given a list of snowflakes (integers), print the length of the longest sublist in which all of the snowflakes are unique.

UVa 1203: Argus

  Tags: uva implementation

UVa 1203: Argus was a sort of poorly written problem, and I thought it was a lot harder than it actually turned out to be.

UVa 978: Lemmings Battle!

  Tags: uva implementation

I solved UVa 978: Lemmings Battle! with a multiset. A multiset has the same underlying implementation as a regular STL set (BST), but it can store multiple copies of the same value, which makes it perfect for modelling these lemmings.