What I'm Working On Now

TL;DR: I’m trying to learn a lot in as little time as possible

Right now I’m working on learning several new programming languages that align with my interests. They are (in the order I plan to learn them):

  • rust
  • javascript
  • ReasonML
  • clojure
  • haskell
  • kotlin
  • julia

Along with javascript, I’m teaching myself react. The idea is that I will soon be able to ship apps for all platforms using ReasonReact, but the ReasonReact docs assume prior experience with react, and Reason compiles to javascript, so I’m starting with plain old react and vanilla ES6. The story is similar on mobile for react-native, and I plan to fall back to kotlin for android development.

I am also solidifying my knowledge of python and am trying to get a better grip on emacs lisp, since I use that a lot but don’t understand it at all.

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers’ nownownow project.